Zakynthos -place to stay

Where do you recommend to stay in zakynthos? Would like to be close to the beach! Thanks.

This forum is primarily focussed on Santorini and surrounding islands in the Cyclades group.

You might be better off by looking at the dedicated Zakynthos forums on Trip Advisor

No it’s not @bigsnitch!
That’s why we have other categories for other areas in Greece.
Obviously the title of the website might be misleading but everyone asking for information about Greece and any of its islands or other destination is welcome to post their queries.

I personally have a love and hate relationship with Tripadvistor to be honest…

@Vanessa_Juarez Zakynthos is an awesome place and you will have a great time!
I am not sure if you have changed your plans due to the COVID news but if you are still planning to visit Zakynthos and you would like to stay close to the beach then you should stay close to Gerakas or Dafni beaches.

Avoid Laganas as it is a cheap place filled with teenagers who are partying lal day (unless that’s what you are after…)

Gerakas Beach on Google Maps

Dafni Beach on Google Maps