Where To Stay in Santorini?

Choosing the right area to stay when you are searching for a hotel in Santorini is one of the most critical things to plan your trip properly as the location might make or break your trip.

Obviously the areas with the most amazing views to the caldera (volcano) are the most expensive ones but also probably the most famous and the most scenic ones.

If you want better value for your money though you should stay at the beach side areas of Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos (black beaches) where you will still be able to find very good but cheaper hotels.

Here is my complete guide on where to stay on Santorini:

Nice one!
In my 20 years of visiting Santorini I can now give only one advice to first-timers:

Stay somewhere without any views!

It is a rip-off nowadays.
Instagram ruined Santorini but it’s still a magnificent place…

So, make yourself a favour and stay in Perissa, in Perivolos or Kamari.

You would still be able to visit all the views!


Hi, I’m Susie in California and coming to Santorini for a few days with friends July 2020. I’m making myself crazy looking between VRBO and Airbnb trying to find a large house on the “west side” for the views. They are so expensive! My question was going to be if I stay on the east or southeast side will I still get great views - but now reading Ryan’s post, I see I don’t need to worry about it. Thank you - I really like this Forum.

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@ibmom1957, welcome,

I’d agree with @Ryan and forget about the west side, your money will go so much further on the beach side of the island.

Stay in Perissa, save your money and just head up to the caldera for your fix of views and sunsets.

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Thank you, bigsnitch! I really appreciate your response to me.

Absolutely @ibmom1957 !!

Here is the thing:

People believe that the magnificent views only exist on the west side of Santorini but the reality is that you are going to get amazing views everywhere on the island (as long as you facing the sea…).

I admit it though that the views in Oia or Imerovigli are stunning because you are elevated but you ar enot having access to a beach (which is the case in Kamari and Perissa).

But you are paying an extremely high price for it!!

Honestly, don’t worry about the views. You can still get a dinner, a coffee, breakfast or just wlak and have the views whenever you want!

Of course it is much more convenient and “instagrammable” (that became a real word nowadays…) to have the views at your doorstep but the price is not worth it in my opinion.

Another thing that people don’t understand is that the same views and the same sunset exists in pretty much every greek island…

I have been in a $50 Milos Airbnb and I was looking at the exact same sunset on my balcony like the people who are paying $1000/night in Oia! And the surroundings were pretty much the same… :slight_smile:

Best advice given on this forum up to now! :slight_smile:

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Hi - thank you so much for your thoughtful response!


visiting santorini july 2020. can u lease give medium rates value for money tariff hotels with view in fira

Take a look on this:

And also for the cheapest hotels in Santorini this list is also good:

The general advice is that you should not expect cheap prices in Fira town in July…as it’s probably the most expensive period of the year. For cheaper hotels you can stay in Perissa or Perivolso or Kamari where you will be close to the beach as well!

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Hello all I’m new to this group and m posting a query for the 1st time. Hope it’s the correct way to do this

We are 2 families travelling to Greece. We are in Santorini for 3 nights from 8 to11 April. At the moment more apprehensive than excited, due to the current COVID situation globally.

I’ve already gathered from all that I’ve read on Pavlos’ blog that Fira is the best town to stay in, in April, as it’s still low season and this is where we will find restaurants and hotels open, where it’ll be most lively than other towns.
I also am aware that one needn’t necessarily stay on the west side of Santorini, but yet our group is hoping we get a good deal at one of the Caldera view hotels/villa.
So could someone help me by suggesting a few places with views, which could fit in our budget of approx €300-350 per night for 6 guests.

Which Fira hotels would you recommend if we cannot get the ones with view? Will these be walking distance to the Caldera area?

Is it advisable to look for hotels/villas in Firostefani?

Your are welcome and yes,… anywhere you post is the right thing to do!

I still believe Fira is the best area to stay in April but you can definitely try the Firostefani or Imerovigli (you probably need a car to move around on the island).

The best thing you can do is to head over to Booking.com and search for your price range.

It’s the most reliable website for booking a hotel in Snaotirni and it has the most available options.

However, another very good option for a group of 6 people might be to rent a villa.
Here is a handy list with the best villas on the island:

My recommendations for Fira are all listed on this post (some of them are within your budget):

And for Imerovigli: