Where all to visit with 2+ Weeks in Greece!

Hi, all! My boyfriend and I will be in Greece for 17+ days from mid- to late- September. We have researched the Greek islands a lot and want to visit potentially 3-4 islands, as well as spend 4 days in Athens. We know we want to spend 3-4 days in Santorini, and we’re curious on what other islands we should visit between Santorini and Athens. We originally looked into Naxos & Paros (because of close proximity and cheaper flights into Athens). After more research, Syros, Tilos, and Milos also look like incredible islands to visit as well (let’s be honest, they all seem incredible!).

We would like a few days beach time amongst the islands, but we are mainly excited to explore the culture (most important to us), eat incredible foods, see breathtaking views, hike around some (easy/moderate), and have a relaxing vacation! We’re looking for budget-friendly locations (Santorini will be our ‘splurge’). Any recommended islands for what we’re wishing to accomplish? And is 4 days too long in Athens? We were wanting to take a day trip to Delphi included in the 4 days in Athens.

HI @rwacker ,

Seems like a great trip you guys are planning!
Ok…so, just to start 4 nights is probably too much for Athens.
In reality you don’t need more than 72 hours in Athens and you should be better off on an island.

The thing here is that taking the ferry and visit islands takes time and money!

If you are mostly interested in culture, ruins and food then you are going to love Greece but I don’t think that Milos, Tinos and Mykonos for example are the best places for such a trip.

Naxos island on the other hand, Delfi and Crete are ideal.
Though Crete is a massive island (as big as Hawaii’s big island!) you can easily spend 5-6 days there during your trip and visit some amazing places such as the Knossos Palace or the beautiful city of Chania. Crete does not feel like an island though and you definitely need a car to move around.

Naxos is also great (smaller than Crete) but with lots of history and amazing restaurants. It also much less expensive than any other island.