Welcome to the largest online travel community for Greece and the greek islands!

Welcome to the Santorini Secrets Forum!

My name is Pavlos, I am Greek and a few years ago I have started a travel blog at santorinisecrets.com which has become one of the go-to online travel blogs for Santorini and the greek islands, where millions of people go to find information about hotels, tours and restaurants in Greece and the beautiful greek islands.

Santorini was the first destination that I started blogging about because I have lived and spent much of my life there. I love this place like my home.

However, I soon realised that people visiting Greece are not interested on visiting Santorini only and it’s a pitty not to offer information on other beautiful defstinations in Greece, as it is such a diverse country with so many places to visit (Mykonos, Athens, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes etc).

Honestly, I never liked Tripadvisor and its suggestions. Don’t get me wrong: it does offer good value in many cases and I still vist it a lot for many destinations but you will never find exclusive secrets and tips on Tripadvisor.

This is what this forum is for!

Yes, our lovely Facebook Group is where more than 7K people have registered and have asked their questions on their future trip or posted photos from their recent trip to Greece and Santorini but a Facebook Group does not even come close to the wealth of information you are able to find on this forum (however, you can easily register and post on this forum by using your Facebook account).

So…feel free to dive into all the discussions and the topics, subscribe to get notifications and be able to post your own questions for your future trip to Santorini or other destinations in Greece!


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