Weather - April /May

Is the weather warm enough to go to the beach at the end of April? Planning a trip on April 23 through beginning of May! Thanks!

April is very early in the year to be visiting Santorini although you will find quite a few places open, especially after the Greek Easter weekend.

It may be too early for beach weather, and the water, either the sea or hotel pools will be cold. However, you might be lucky and get some warmer days but expect evenings to be chilly, particularly if it’s been overcast or windy.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Hey @Vanessa_Juarez ,

April weather in Greece is probably the most unperdictable (along with March…) as you may get 10 degrees C or you may get 30 C degrees…

It is important to understan that weather is also something relative depending on where you are actually coming from and on what weather you are used to swim in the sea.

For example, a person who lives in Siberia considers 15C degrees as summer weather!

On the other hand, my greek friends are always telling me that they don’t even consider swimming in the sea if the weather is not more than 30C for more than a week continuously… which pretty much comes in June in Greece.

But to be honest, in April te sea water will be cold but you may get sunshne and good days because it is Greece afterall!

Also, bear in mind that most of the businesses by the beach will be closed in April as they slowly start opening up in early May.