Walking on the beaches in Santorini

If you say in Perivolos, can you walk for miles along the beach? Is there a beach path? Or are the beaches private?


From the Perivolos end of the beach you can walk the whole way to the “mountain end” of the beach, which is Perissa itself. I wouldn’t recommend walking the whole way on the actual beach itself as it would be very hot and very tiring. There is a tarmac road that runs the entire length, one end to the other. I regularly walk between Perissa and Perivolos and it takes around 15-20 minutes, end to end, at a comfortable strolling pace.

There are plenty of bars and cafes along the way for rest stops, refreshments etc.

None of the whole length of the beach is private, it’s public access, end to end.

Let me know if I can help with any queries on either Perissa or Perivolos as I’ve been going there for 22 years now and know both places really well.


Thank you for the response. We had originally chosen to stay in Imerovigli but our biggest plans for the trip are to relax by the pool/beach and take long walks. So, I thought perhaps staying in Perivolos on the beach might be better. We are interested in nice dinners (outside if possible) but not interested in shopping or clubbing. Can you make a recommendation between the two places? I realize we will lose the fabulous views but we can always go and see it one night. I appreciate your thoughts on this.


Hi Laurel. Perissa is the busier of the 2, with much more in the way of hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes etc. Perivolos is a lot quieter, but still has some lovely hotels and restaurants.

As I said in my previous reply, it’s a short(ish) walk between the 2 resorts - I often walk from the Perissa end of the beach to eat in one or two of my favourite tavernas in Perivolos and it takes around 15-20 minutes at a strolling pace.

I have stayed in Perivolos many times over the years, at the Smaragdi hotel, but these days I stay in Perissa itself, mainly because I have everything I need on my doorstep in the way of shops, supermarkets etc. In Perivolos there are only one or two mini markets on the beach road, although there are supermarkets a short walk away.

Do you have your hotel booked yet? Let me know if you have as I may well know it.

During the day, life in Perivolos revolves around the beach with water sports and a number of beach bars and chill out places. The same happens in Perissa, it’s just that there is more choice in Perissa.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Martin. I was looking at Istoria as it has a large pool and is on the beach. There are so many hotels it is overwhelming.

Have you ever stayed on the Caldera side? I do have a hotel booked currently in Imerovigli but was contemplating cancelling it and moving to the beach to be able to do more walking. Although it looks like there is a path going from Fira to Oia that looks walkable.


Hi Laurel,

The hike between Fira and Oia is probably one of the most popular activities on the island, thousands of people do it every year. It’s best done in the morning before the heat builds up too much, there’s no real shade anywhere along the path and you get the glare of the sun on the sea too. But, the views are amazing and once you get to Oia you could take the time to look around, maybe have a late lunch then take a bus back to Imerovigli (if that’s where you end up staying).

I’ve never stayed on the caldera side of the island, only in Perissa, the hotels on that side of the island are way out of my range.

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Thanks Martin. You are right about the costs … I was trying to tell myself we likely will only go once and it is only for a few days. But if we can do something just as nice on the other side of the island, that would be my preference. Plus it sounds a little more relaxing too which is what we are after.
Thank you for being so responsive and for the information. I sincerely appreciate it.

Hey Laurel,

Another beautiful path you can hike is the path to Ancient Thira from Kamari beach: