Verify that ferry or air travel is available to the island in November

I am sure this may come across as a strange topic, but I am trying to set a first time visit to Santorini from November 9th to the 13th, and I cannot find any Ferry or Airline that shows dates available during this period of time. I have gotten different reasons from different sources for not being able to book anything, so does someone have experience with coming to the island in November and what will be available in Ferries or flights?

Thank you in advance for any assistance with this question.

Hi @DavidInDHS, you’ll only be able to get flights to the islands from Athens - check out Aegean or Olympic.

There will be ferries, from Piraeus, but it’s probably too early for November schedules.

Thank you, maybe what you say about the schedules not being available yet may play into the airlines, because at this time Aegean, Olympic, ans Sky Express all show no flights for that period of time. It does sound though that you have experience with both ait and ferry systems being available in November, so maybe we will just have to wait and see.

Hi David. My first time to Greece will be in September but I have been researching for the trip for months. You will not be happy with an 8 hour ferry trip during the cold months. Wait for the airfares to come up and snag yourself a super cheap flight into Santorini. The costs will be cheap for flights at that time of year. Check out April prices and they should be about the same when the November schedules are released later in the year. Have a great day. Margaret

Thank you Margaret for your reply! This is going to be our second trip in less than 2 years to Greece, and want to do our first Island experience on Santorini. Have fantastis travels on your trip, you are going to just LOVE Greece!