Traveling on Easter

We will be in Athens on Greek Easter Sunday but we hear many places will be closed and many Greeks head to the islands for the day. Would it be feasible for our group of 6 adults to join the celebration and head to Hydra for the day? I assume we would need to plan ahead for the ferry and a lunch reservation. Any advice for us?

Hi there,

Greek Easter Sunday is probably the biggest celebration for greeks and you should expect major disruptions in all services.

There are ferrie that can take you to Hydra from Piraeus though.

These are the option I could see on Let’s ferry website:

In regards to your lunch this is the trickiest part I am afraid…

It will be very difficult to find and reserve a place to eat during that day…

Your only option is to wander in Hydra and check with all the local restaurants at that time to see what they can offer.

But as I said before, do not expect any normality on that day… and that includes restaurant services !

Thanks for the reply!
Is this something you would recommend doing, or would it be better to remain in Athens? Will most places be closed for the holiday?

Don’t get me wrong…you will definitely find places to eat (especially in Athens) but it is a “strange” day to be honest and it is a “hit and miss” as the restaurant owners mostly cook for their families and neighbours during that day.

You will have better chances of finding a place to eat in Athens though.

Most shops will definitely be closed during the day, eventhough you may find some shops around the very touristic areas still open…

THis is a day where you can enjoy a quiet walk in Athens! That would be my advice!

Or just take the tram from Syntagma square in Athen and spend a day at the southern suburbs of Glyfada, Faliro where you will witness some of the beautiful Athens beaches (ok…it’s not like being on an island but it is a very nice ride!). Get some food from a super market the day before and just spend a day on the beach!

Another important thing is that if you are vegetarian or vegan you will struggle during that day…
Greek Easter is basically a massive BBQ celebration all over the country…