Traveling from santorini to athens

I want to fly from Santorini to the Athens airport on the day of my returning flight to the U.S. My flight gets into Athens at 9:55 am and my flight to U.S leaves at 11:35 am. Is that enough time to make this transfer to an international flight peacefully? And if not, any other suggestions on other transfer options from Santorini to Athens?

Hi there,
I believe it is enough time but it does sound tight to be honest.
Athens airport is not a very big airport and the most you will have to walk is 10mins to your gate.
But if there is the slightest delay on anything you will be in trouble.
i wouldn’t risk it to be honest…
Is this the earliest flight you can get from Santorini?
Usually there is an even earlier flight.
Otherwise you may have to get to Athens the day before and spend the night in Athens…
I wouldn’t take the ferry at all because you will waste a whole day…