Travel between Santorini and Athens

Is it better to fly or take the ferry between Santorini and Athens?

Hi @Lynn, welcome.

If you’re in a hurry, a flight between Athens and Santorini is around 35 minutes (plus the extra airport time obviously).

A conventional ferry can take around 8 or so hours and may well stop at various other islands on its journey.

I’ve never actually travelled by ferry so I can’t comment on the journey itself.

It really depends on your budget, your time and your…age!
If you are planning to spend anything less than 4 days in Santorini I wouldn’t advise taking the ferry at all because you will literally waste too much time.

Give this a good read:

As previously said, the best thing is to get a 35mins flight.

If you are travelling in the high season (from May-October) you should be able to find a direct flight to Santorini from major european cities so you don’t necessarily have to go through Athens.

If you still want to go through Athens then a direct flight to Santorini is the best thing as it takes much less time.

However, my advice to people who are visiting Santorinio rGreece for the first time, is to take the ferry at least once (especially if tie is not a big issue) becasue they will get a glimpse of the beautiful Aegean sea and a few other greek islands along the way.

You could possibly combine both then!