Single lady on her way for the first time!

I’ve booked a bargain flight to Mykonos with my British airways (Avios) points from Manchester next September for two weeks
I can’t for the life of me find accommodation in Mykonos town under £100 a night that looks decent ! Thinking to do 3 nights there exploring then getting ferry to santorini for a few more nights then Naxos before returning to Mykonos for last night before flight home
Any information on places to stay for single woman of a certain age would be greatly appreciated
( I love the beach sunbathing, walking around discovering the place and a bit of live music suits me fine !)

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Hey @lezley8 and welcome!

Ok… Mykonos (and Santorini…) is super expensive in September. Actually, for the greek islands: September is the new August (=super expensive and packed…)


If you visit at the 3rd or 4th week of August things get better prices-wise (and it will still be sunbathing beach time!)

I understand you will be travelling solo so the best thing to do is to stay at Mykonos Town/City.

Everything will be at your doorstep so you won’t have to worry about driving or taking a taxi late at night (or early in the morning :slight_smile: ).

There are a few decent hotels that you can stay with less than 100 pounds per night.

Try Villa Pinelopi for example!

Very minimal and basic, but I am afraid you won’t get swimming pools with less than 100 pounds per night in Mykonos in September…

You can still visit other hotels for the pool bars but to be honest with you I wouldn’t spend more than 2 nights in Mykonos (though it is an excellent place for singles with amazing music bars and clubs with live DJs).

So, if you are spending 2 weeks in total, I would also suggest you visit Paros, Antiparos and Tinos. Paros especially is excellent for solo travellers with awesome nightlife and it is less expensive than Mykonos. Antiparos is a small but very popular island (Tom Hanks has a house there!) and Tinos is mostly visited by greeks and it is still not spoilt by tourism in my opinion.

For solo travellers like, I also always suggest visiting Ios island if you can as it is also an island with lots of parties and a vibrant nightlife (not like Mykonos obviously but definitely more interesting than Naxos for example)

Naxos is more budget-friendly but obviously more family friendly as well… Nightlife is not something Naxos is famous for. Its amazing local gruyere cheese on the other hand, is (it’s called “graviera”)!

Also, if you do visit Naxos make a stop at the beautiful village of Apeiranthos Which is really lovely ( a bit like a Mama Mia village…:wink: )

Here it is on Google Maps:

How are you going to move around while on the islands?? Local buses or rent a car?

Another important thing to have in mind is the ferry tickets between the islands as they can become quite expensive…

So overall, 2 nights Mykonos, 3 nights Santorini , 2 nights Naxos and 2 nights Paros or Ios would be perfect in my opinion!

thanks so much you have given me lots to work on ! I was only going to stay in mykonos for 3 nights and get off on a ferry so i will look at paros etc - will be very busy looking at all these other places you have suggested !! Its a good job I enjoy the research !! I wish I had more time now !

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I fully agree about Paros!
My daughter (23) went there last year with her friend and she loved it.
She said exactly the same about Mykonos and its expensive accommodation and nightlife which made the place feel like an exclusive millionaires island.

Im not one of the beautiful people not am I rich but I do want to say Ive been !! - will just experience it for a couple of days and move to paros I think

yeah…I think that would be wise!

Paros is really nice with very beautiful sandy beaches, really nice nightlife and restaurants.

if you are on an island hopping trip then you should definitely consider the ferry prices as they can get very expensive in the high season!