Santorini, Naxos, Kos and Milos itinerary

After welcoming @Funleavy on the forum here I am opening this topic specifically for his itinerary and any questions he may have.

@Funleavy feel free to let us k ow if you have any specific queries and what are your dates and your arrangements on accommodation, flights, ferries etc in case you need any help!

Thanks Pavlos! While we’re excited to visit multiple islands, I’m also very aware that we won’t have enough time to truly enjoy them due to the logistics of travel etc. This is especially true for Naxos, where we only have 2 nights. We’ll have a full day sandwiched between 2 half-days, so if anyone can suggest the best way to spend our time there it will be greatly appreciated. My plan now is to rent a car and just explore some villages and do some hiking (Mt Zas).

We only have 2 nights in Santorini, staying in Imerovigli at On The Rocks. This is a place my wife has dreamed of visiting (thank you social media), so here we come!

Milos is the island that we both wanted to see the most, so we’re staying there for 4 nights. We plan to take a full day boat tour (or 2), and rent a car and explore the island. I’m bringing a fishing rod with me, hopefully it gets some work!

Kos is mainly serving as a gateway point for us, since we are meeting some friends in Bodrum Turkey for a week long yacht charter right in the middle of our Greek vacation. So we’ll stay in Kos after our stay in Milos and again before we go to Santorini and Naxos.

So maybe not the most efficient use of our time, but we’ll get to see several islands as well as a few nights in Athens. Looking forward to June 2020!

Hi @Funleavy ,

It sounds like an awesome trip.
And I believe you are doing the right thing not to make Santorini the focus of your trip in June.
You wont like Santorini in June as it will probably be too crowded…

Milos is by far one of the most underrated greek islands and it wll be absolutely great in June.

The best thing you can do in Milos is a boat trip around the island which I understand you have already organized right?

Adamas (which is the main port of Milos) is not the most idyllic place to stay but Plaka is really cute.

Thanks Ryan. I appreciate the feedback on Milos - we’re staying 2 nights in Adamas in a windmill, and then 2 nights in Plaka. And we plan to do a full day trip, either Oneiro or something similar. Can’t wait!

Santorini seems beautiful for sure, but the crush of too many people is something I considered before booking. I live in Key West and see hundreds of people scrambling every night to get the perfect photo of the sunset, so trust that I won’t be one of those in Oia climbing all over each other. The view from our hotel in Imerovigli will do nicely

Hey @Funleavy ,
To be totally honest apart from the sunset time every afternoon, Oia is pretty quiet during the day.
I dare to say quieter than Fira (during the day).
I believe in 2 days you won’t need any means of transportation to move around (though it would be ideal to be honest…) and I don’t know f you will have the time to see the beautiful beaches of Perissa and Kamari.

Try to visit at least 1 winery during your time there as it will easily be a highlight of your trip.

The best winery close to Oia is Sigalas Winery but you can certainly visit the ones close to Pyrgos (Ventsanos winery, Santowines):

Thanks Nick. I don’t expect beaches will be a priority for us on Santorini, only because we live at the beach and also because we’ll be exploring beaches for 4 days in Milos. I’m glad you mentioned wineries because that’s something I know we’d like to do. Thanks!

Funny side note - I used to work with a guy named Kostas Venetsanos, so I asked him for any tips for our trip. He told me he was the least Greek person I’ll ever meet :rofl: :man_shrugging:

Quite strange though as it is a very greek first name and surname!

Venetsanos winery is @bigsnitch 's favourite and for many good reasons, to be honest.

Here are a few pics from my visit last year:

True, I mean I excitedly told him we were probably going to a winery with his surname and that’s when he told me he knows nothing of Greece. I guess I’ll have to enlighten him! :wine_glass:

out of curiosity, where is he coming from then?

Which part of Greece?

(sorry for the off-topic) :slight_smile:

If you mean my friend Kostas, he was born in the US to (obviously) Greek parents. I’m not sure where they were from originally, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s never been to Greece :man_shrugging:

If you mean me, we’re flying into Santorini from Kos/Athens

haha yes I meant him actually! :slight_smile: