Santorini in end december / january

We lost our summer trip to santorini due to covid
We can only go end of December/ january
We cant go in future years etc
We are coming from australia on the way to israel
Are there any hotels or restaurants open at this time?
If yes please send me some info especially if you have ever bern there then

I know they are extending their tourist season in Greece due to Covid-19. However, not sure if that means up until December. Our trip from Australia to Italy/Greece is being canceled for Sept/Oct as unlikely OS travel permitted by then for unnecessary travel.

Sorry to hear that

Yes we will just have to wait and see what happens

Hello and welcome.

Can you actually get out of Oz at the moment or do you and Greece have one of those “air corridor” thingies? I had read on Trip Advisor that Australia was still “closed” but that was a couple of weeks ago and things are changing very rapidly all over the world now.

Anyway, assuming you can actually get to Santorini, you will find the best available range of open hotels and restaurants in the main village, Fira. The island has a year round population of around 10000 and they have to eat somewhere :grin:.

I did have a list of year round hotels but that was a few years ago now and I can’t find it, it’s lost in the bowels of my laptop somewhere I reckon, but if you take a look at the likes of, you can set filters for accommodation, one of which is hotels that are open all year round.

Of course you can still go to all of the other touristy places but they’ll be pretty much closed down for winter. But the views and sunsets are still there and a plus is that you won’t have to share them with 000s of other visitors.

Expect cold, windy, possibly rainy weather, especially up on the caldera, so bring warm clothes. That said, you may well get some days where it’s warm enough for wandering around in shorts.

Good luck with your search, stay safe and I hope you manage to get to Santorini - you’ll have the privilege of seeing it without loads of people getting in your way.


Thanks so much

Yes not sure what Australias policy will be
Will have to wait and see
Thanks for the great info
I think we will live it without the crowds
Warm Regards