Program for 14 days in Greece during January

I and my family planning to go to Greece for the 1st time during the 1st half of January 2019. We have 14 nights to spend. We are considering either to go to:

  1. Athens for 4 nights, Santorini for 4 nights and Crete for 5 nights
  2. Athens for 3 nights, Santorini for 3 nights, Mykonos for 3 nights and Crete for 4 nights

Which plan is better 1 or 2. Or there is a better third suggestion?
Where to stay in those cities if we are not going to hire a rental car (excellent locations to walk around in a beautiful neighborhood)?
Should we travel between the islands by plane or ferry?

Thank you

Hi @yhy and welcome to our forum!

First of all it’s great that you decided to spend 14 days in Greece!! Most people can only do 3-4 days… :frowning:

I think your first plan is slightly better but in any case you don’t need 4 nights in Athens.

I would rather do:

Athens 2 nights
Mykonos 2 nights
Santorini 4 nights
Crete 5 days

Or skip Mykonos completely (as it’s the winter and there won’t be much life on the island) and spend 2 more days in Crete (7 days in Crete is great).

Bear in mind that because it’s the winter the islands are completely different with not much life.

Many businesses will also be closed. Especially the ones by the beach.

I wouldnt risk taking a ferry in January.
If you can afford a flight take it!
Ferries might get cancelled because of bad weather and they can be bumpy if it’s windy…

Thanks for the advise. Any recommendation for family accommodation in Athens and Crete during January 2020?