Need Advice on Car Rentals

We plan on going to Santorini in late Sept/early Oct. I would like to know the best company to rent a car from. We will be picking up at the airport in Santorini. Also, If you pay extra for the insurance, will they let that count? We were in another country last year, and they charged us $800 more for car insurance even though we had paid previously through Expedia for full coverage, AND our credit card covers as well. We would very much like to make sure it doesn’t happen to us again. That took a big chunk out of our funds. Any advice in this regard would be much appreciated!

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The best thing you can do is to check prices and book on a global website such as:

I have personally used it many times without any issues.

It should be very clear what you pay for car insurance and make sure you read your contact carefully!

Rentalcars is really good and safe indeed…!