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Hello everyone and welcome to the largest oline community about Greece and the Greek Islands!

This topic is for new comers who want to introduce themselves to our forum and let us know what they want from their trip to Greece or what help they might need help with!


This is me in Pyrgos village (Santorini):

As you may have read from my “Welcome Message” I am Pavlos, the person behind this online forum.

I am greek and I grew up in Athens, Greece.

I have lived in Santorini for quite some time working mainly in the construction sector where I helped build/renovate some of these magnificent Santorini hotels you see all over instagram.

I have spent lots of my summers as a kid in Crete and I have then travelled pretty much everywhere in Greece and in almost all greek islands.

I love Greece, its culture and its food but I have also travelled across the world quite a lot. I wish I could travel more though!

I am now based somewhere between Athens and London,UK.

Back in 2013, I started my travel blog which has then attracted millions of visitors from all over the world.

I wasn’t expecting that to be honest!

I thought I was alone in this but I was wrong!

I have also set up a beautiful instagram account @santorini.secrets to share the beauties of this island but I am also sharing pics from Mykonos and Crete on my 2 other instagram accounts.

Now, has tips for Crete and Mykonos as well! (Soon for Athens and Greece in general!)

Back in 2017, I decided it was about time to build a community of people who are looking to visit Santorini or Greece and at that time a Facebook Group seemed like the best option.

It quickly became one of the most go-to Facebook Groups for information regarding Santorini and Greece.

I have to say though, it never really really felt like a real community and after all… it’s Facebook!

So, I have decided to set this private online forum outside of Facebook in order to make things easier for people looking for information and for people who love Greece and any particular greek island.

At the moment we have dedicated categories about:

- Santorini
- Mykonos
- Crete

but we also have a generic “Greece-other destinations” category for any other destination you are looking to visit (I have lots of beautiful destinations in Greece to share in here that you may have never heard of!)

So… that’s me!

Feel free to share your stories, pictures or even videos from your trip to Greece or just ask anything you would like to (without worrying too much about categories and stuff…)

If you have difficulties on setting up your account on this forum ar how you can create a new topic, upload photos etc you can read the very helpful FAQ section but it should be very straight forward.

Or… just say hello! :grin:


(Welcome - in greek)


Hello there,

Thanks for setting this up Pavlos!

Much needed as I am also not a big fan of Facebook these days… (don’t let me start about Tripadvisor!!)

I have been visiting Greece for more than 3 decades now and my first visit goes back to the '80’s when I was still in my 20’s (you can do the math about my age…:slight_smile: )

Coming from the UK, I had been fascinated about Greece’s beauty and as you mention diversity.

Through my several visits , almost everywhere in Greece, I decided to settle in Santorini the last 10 years and I never looked back.

Yes, Santorini has become synonymous to million tourists every year but I still find the place fascinating and stunning, no matter what…

I suppose the latter can be said for many places in Greece (I was thinking of settling in Crete as well, as it is still my second most favourite destination).

Really excited to join the forum and happy to meet other travellers and people who love Greece and its islands!



welcome @Ryan !!
Hope you find our forum useful!

So glad this is actually outside of tripadvisor and Facebook…!!
Hello all!

I have been travelling to and around Greece from the last 20 years and I am lovin it!

Coming from Ireland originally there is a lot to love about Greece and I am happy to give any advice to anyone who want to visit this awesome place (either it is Athens or the islands!)

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I didn’t see this topic before I posted my first item. I’m also on Facebook and Trip Advisor :sunglasses:

I’m pleased to be a member of this new forum for Santorini.

I’ve been going to the island for over 20 years now, twice a year when I’ve been lucky enough, and know it pretty well (but not as well as many others).

I’ve always stayed in Perissa and have many friends in the village. Please let me know if I can help in any way for anyone going there for the first time,

I’m also on Trip Advisor, under the same username of “bigsnitch” where I’m the Destination Expert for Perissa.

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Welcome @bigsnitch !
Great to have you here!

It looked so much different back then!!

I have some pics from the 90’s too but I 'd rather not share anything too embarrassing… :joy::joy::joy:

Welcome everyone!

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Welcome all!

Aaah… Tripadvisor… the one we all hate but we all return to at some point…

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Greetings to all from sunny Key West! I’m planning a trip to Greece for my wife and I next summer, and have been gathering information on Facebook and TripAdvisor ever since we decided to go. Besides Santorini we’re also going to Milos and Naxos and Kos, and mixing in a week long yacht charter out of Bodrum. Should be a blast!

Looking forward to getting to know the members here, will hopefully be a refreshing change from TA.

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Hi @Funleavy !

Welcome to our community!

Sounds like an awesome trip you are planning next summer.

I’ll open up a new topic specifically for your trip in order to get more detailed responses in any questions you may have.

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Γεια σου Παύλο! My name is Angela (Angeliki, actually, after my grandmother, who was from Crete) but most people call me Angela. Both my parents are Greek and I was raised Greek Orthodox here in the USA. I am so excited to find your forum. Thank you so much for doing this. You really inspire me as I read through it because I am learning so much. Your enthusiasm and passion for Greece is quite obvious! I love to travel with my husband. I have not been to Greece in over 40 years (I did not realize it had been that long!) and we are so excited as we have planned a trip this summer, June 2020, to come to Athens, Kefalonia (my dad’s island), Mykonos and Santorini. Unfortunately, we could not fit in Crete on this trip but we will the next time we come. Its lovely that you cover various islands as most travelers will want to explore and go island hopping. I look forward to using your forum to find answers to some questions I have about getting around on both islands, Mykonos and Santorini. We will be spending 2 nights in Mykonos and 3 nights in Santorini. We love the beaches, outdoors and food. We are also interested in learning a bit of history, as my husband is partially Greek and has never really explored his Greek side until he met me. I want to show him all the beauty and culture there is. I look forward to meeting great people here and networking.
Σας ευχαριστώ και ανυπομονώ να σας μιλήσω περισσότερο. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum @angeliki48, we hope you’ll find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding your upcoming trip.

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Hi @angeliki48 and welcome to our forum!

Thanks to people like @bigsnitch and a few others we are trying to create a community that will support anyone who might be interested to visit Greece, help with their research or even just chat about Greece and its beautiful islands (and the underrated mainland!).

Your itinerary sounds great and if you need any particular help with anything feel free to create a new topic so that everyone can jump in and provide any assistance.

I was personally born and grew up in Athens but my grandfather was from Kefalonia too!

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Hello and thank you for this informative website! I am planning a trip to Greece with my family: husband, 2 daughters and their husbands. We will be there in mid-April and are so excited!

I have a questions specifically for the time we will be there. I believe it will be a little cold for swimming, so I wondered what excursions might be best for this time of year. The boat tours look so fun, but seem to usually include swimming and I wondered about the temps at that time.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hello @MindyH and welcome to the forum. We hope we’ll be able to help you plan for a memorable trip to Santorini.

You’re correct in assuming that the sea will be rather chilly for swimming in April. You should also be prepared for changeable weather at that time of year.

The island doesn’t really come alive until the Greek Easter weekend so in mid April things might still be a bit quiet. That said, there will be excursions available - you best bet is to wait until you get there then visit one of the many travel agencies and see what’s on offer. I’m sure that the volcano and caldera cruises will have started up by then.

It tends to be the volcano cruises that offer the chance to swim in the so-called “hot springs” but it’s not compulsory. The boats can only get to within about 50m of the springs then you have to swim over to them. To be honest they’re not particularly exciting - they’re lukewarm at best, very sulphurous and will permanently stain any swimwear with stinking volcanic mud.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the response, this is very helpful! We will be getting there the week after Easter. If you have suggestions for activities we shouldn’t miss, please let me know.

Hey @MindyH and welcome!

In April the sea water will still be a bit chilly t be honest (but not for the brave ones…!).

The weather in March (more) and (less) in April is quite unpredictable.

You may get 10 degrees and clouds/rains but you may get 25 degrees and sunshine.

In April though you should be getting more sunshine than March obviously.

@bigsnitch is right on when the island becomes alive: it’s about mid to end of April.

Most boat operators also don’t carry out any tours before that time.

In my opinion, you can do lots of excursions on the island or private tours at that time.

Give my list here a good read and let us know if you have any questions: