How To Get From Mykonos to Santorini?

This is coming up a lot as a question from people who are looking to visit both greek islands but really don’t know how they are connected or how to get from one to the other.

There was a flight connecting the two islands some years ago but this is not the case anymore.

So, basically you only have one option: a ferry !

Here is a complete guide:

the best way is by the ferry!
hands down!
I wouldn’t recommend taking the ferry from Athens to Santorini or Crete though as it takes too long but it can be a nice trip if the weather is fine and it’s your first time in Greece and the Aegean sea.


So, I have a question: I was told by Let’s Ferry company that ferries can depart either from the new port or old port, it just depends. We are taking the Seajets World Champion high speed ferry. We are going from Mykonos to Santorini, so I hope to know before we head out to catch the ferry because we are being dropped off by a taxi transfer so I would like to know which port to tell them to go to. Also, even though we booked our ferry tickets online, we still need to go get them in person, is that correct? Do we pick the tickets up at the Old Port? I only ask because I’ve heard the lines can get long if you go the day of your departure, so I was hoping to pick them up the day before, since we will be in the area of Old Port anyway for a trip to Delos, I figured we could pick up our tickets then. Any feedback or insight from your experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks! - Angela


Ferries arrive and depart ONLY from Athinios port, sometimes referred to as the “New port”.

The “Old port” is below Fira and it’s where the cruise ships dock.

You should be able to pick up your ferry tickets at any travel agent that does ferry bookings. I see from one of your other posts that you’re staying in Perissa - there are a number of travel agencies in the village, one directly across the road from the Meltemi Village where you’re staying.

Awesome - good information. We figured it was the new port but I thought I’d double check. We are only doing one way ferry from Mykonos to Santorini - we will be staying near Paraga beach in Mykonos and then getting dropped off at the port via taxi transfer - but I’m confident we can pick up our ferry tickets without an issue based on what you are telling me. We will be by the Old port the day before for a tour to Delos anyway, so I’m thinking we can stop at the ticket kiosk and get them then. Thanks again! :+1:

Hang on…

I think @bigsnitch got confused because his mind is always working around Santorini :slight_smile:

I believe @angeliki48 is right on the old and new port of MYKONOS (not Santorini).

It is true that there are ferries that also depart from the old port of Mykonos, still.

You really don’t have to worry about getting a print out of the ticket.

You can do it anytime from any travel agency on the island.

Most of the people get the ticket from the ferry kiosks or ferry offices that are just close or at the ports themselves.

You have to give them the Let’s Ferry reservation print out and you should be ok!

Honestly, nothing to worry about…

I wouldn’t spend the day before to do it but if you happen to pass by any travel agency while in Mykonos you can just pop in and ask them to do it for you! They are obliged by the law to do it…

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@angeliki48 @Pavlos

Many apologies, I read your post and assumed you were referring to the ferry ports on Santorini and not Mykonos. I didn’t even know that Mykonos has 2 ferry ports. In fact I know very little about Mykonos at all (other than can be even more expensive than Santorini and full of even more beautiful and more famous people than Santorini is).

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Oh, that’s no problem at all! Yes, I’ve read there is an old port and new port - depending on different factors (such as weather, etc.) ferries can depart from either port - my biggest concern was the possibility of having the taxi service take us to the wrong port and then having to shuttle between ports, as that is the only way to get from one to the other - and missing our ferry as I’ve heard others have done! By now you’ve probably noticed I tend to ask lots of questions because I am such a planner! (and worrier :thinking:) but everyone here is so helpful and I truly appreciate it. I love to research as much as possible before visiting an unknown place. On that note, if anyone has suggestions for Kefalonia, we are going there first (we have family there), then Athens to visit (we have family there, too), then Mykonos, then Santorini and back to Athens for our departure back to the USA. My cousins are taking us around Athens so they’ve got that part covered, fortunately. Thanks again, and no worries! We are all here to learn and I love to learn.

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Kefalonia is awesome (I come from Kefalonia but I don’t visit that often to be honest nowadays…). Your family based there will definitely take of you so nothing to worry about :slight_smile: