Greece Winter Trip

Hello! I am planning to go to Greece in the winter, what can you advise? which city or village to choose? where is it better to go? By the way, which airline from London is better to use? and guys, does anyone know how to find out the postcode? wherever I look, everywhere the postcode is required. Is this fine Thanks in advance.

hi @GGamingStudio_Respec

Greece in the winter is a completely different place and my advice would be to visit mainland Greece and Athens.
Islands are not that interesting and are quite deserted in the winter.
Athens is also quite lovely in the winter along with beautiful mountainous places like Meteora, Pilion mountain or Kalavryta.
Really beautiful and different places that will make you think you are in a completely different place than the one that magazines and instagram think Greece is like (just a sandy beach and white houses).

In regards to flights from London, there are lots of flight companies you can use like Aegean Air, British Airways, Ryanair, Easyjet etc

In regards to the postcode are you referring to the postcodes in London?
Where is that required?
Which area are you looking for?