Gluten free in Greece?

My husband has been recently diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance. Anyone know if it’s possible to eat gluten free anywhere in Greece? We’ll be traveling for 2 weeks in Greece starting January 27th to Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Santorini, Naxos, Mycenea, and Nafplio. Much appreciated! Thank you

You’ll certainly find gluten free on Santorini, just ensure you mention it to restaurant staff when you go in.

Thanks! Hopefully we’ll also find something in some of the other locations as well.

I’m sure you will, especially in Athens. I’ve not been to any of the other places on your itinerary so I can’t really comment but as Greece is very hot on vegetables, you’ll find some amazing vegetarian as well as gluten free meat options too, just remember to ask beforehand as they may not be highlighted on menus.

Totally agree with @bigsnitch .

The best thing you can do is to ask at the restaurant.
Also, most of the supermarkets in Greece now offer lots f Gluten free options.