Ferry’s to Santorini in April?

Are there any speed ferry’s available from Crete to santorini (round trip) in April? I checked a lot of Ferry websites and zero are listed.

Yes there are plenty of ferries from Heraklion (Crete) to Santorini (Fira) in April!

Check: Let’s Ferry website

If you are searching for ferries from Chania to Santorini then there is nothing unfortunately.

You have to go to Heraklion first (by bus or car)…

Are there any for 4/8?

I just checked and there is no ferry on the 8th of April.

Most ferries actually start mid April from the 15th.

Did you finally book the ferry from Crete? Though there are none on 8th Apr…there are ferries on alternate dates…7th/9th/12th

Even we had to change our itinerary due to unavailability of daily ferries from
Santorini to Crete

That is true.
The ferries schedule can make or break your visit to Santorini!