Corona Virus and Greek tourism

Finally, some good news for everyone.

Greece deided to lift the restrictions and the measures gradually in May and June.

Hotels and restaurants will open up in June though.

You can read the official announcement here:

All plans of Greece to reopen business and come back to life gradually are detailed in this official government presentation:

It basically comes down to this (for May):

Hi everyone - I hope you’re all safe during these times.

My sister, niece and I all purchased tickets for Greece back in January for September 2020. As you can imagine, so much in our lives has changed since then.

We haven’t canceled or rescheduled or trips quite yet as we are monitoring the situation. However, everyone we know seems to think we are crazy for even thinking there’s a possibility of a trip happening in September at this point. Normally I’m a very optimistic person, but that optimism has been diminishing each day.

I don’t expect anyone here to have concrete answers of course, as we’re all learning and everything Is changing each moment it feels like. However, I am curious if anyone is in a situation with trips planned to Greece from the United States in September 2020? Are you waiting it out like us or have you already canceled or postponed? Would love to hear from others in the same boat.

For now, I will continue to dream about Greece…

I’m from the UK and booked for September, but I think our situations have some similarities.

Greece has handled the crisis much better than either the UK or USA and are going to be very careful about reopening their borders and allowing people back into the country.

I did see a Greek (English language) newspaper article a few days ago that said the Greek government were in discussions with several other countries about the way forward and neither the UK nor the USA were included in this discussion.

My gut feeling, and I stress, this is just my gut feeling, having talked to friends in Greece and the vast number of discussions I’ve been involved with on Trip Advisor, is that it’s highly unlikely that visitors from either the UK or the USA will be allowed to enter Greece in 2020 as holiday makers.

I’m fully expecting my flights to be cancelled, at which point I’ll look into rescheduling for 2021, maybe September again, by which time (hopefully), the scientists will have created a vaccine and the world can get back to some sort of new normality.

As I say, not fact, just my gut feeling.

Hey Bigsnitch - Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback, it’s really appreciated and everything you said made total sense. I haven’t canceled anything yet, but I have a strong suspicion that Greece in mid-September isn’t happening for us. It just feels like a dreadful limbo right now but everything seems to be pointing at one particular direction, if that makes sense. In the meantime, I will continue to monitor the situation and read up on this lovely group, but definitely keep me posted on what happens with your trip! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a September booking up in the air. =)

Greece will start opening its doors to 20 countries initially from mid a June.

Reading between the lines, I don’t think this will include either the UK, USA or any other country that have been badly affected by the virus (thanks Boris :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

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Sad to hear, but not surprising. I’m wondering if the situation will be any different come July… I will keep a look out here for any insight as always. I believe my sister and I are going to make our final decision on what to do concerning our Greece trip during the first week of July. Thank you again!

Get prepared for some good news on June the 15th !

Sadly it looks like I’ll have to wait until 2021 to experience Greece for the first time. Hopefully by then the world will be in a much better place.

I am sure it will @TheOneDreamer

And Santorini and Greece will be there waiting for you!