Corona Virus and Greek tourism

My husband and I are supposed to visit Athens, Mykonos and Santorini May 15-27. We are praying that things settle down with this crazy pandemic so that we don’t have to cancel our trip but we also don’t want to travel if it’s not safe. I am anxious but trying to be optimistic that we will still be able to go. Right now, everyone in the US is freaking out (yes, the toilet paper is gone everywhere…makes NO sense!) Everything is closing/locking down to try and slow the spread. The decision may be made for me if our flight gets cancelled or Greece closes entrance to foreigners as the US has recently done. I want to continue to follow this forum to stay informed about what is happening in Greece.

For anyone in the UK, you can sign up for email alerts from the website. See below for details.

You can also sign up for email alerts from the website. There are daily updates with the facts virtually every day at the minute. Search Google for “” then when in their website search for “Greece travel”. When that page of options comes up, the top answer should be “Greece travel advice”. Click on that to go through to the main page where there is an option to sign up for email alerts. As anything changes, you get an email alert. It’s really simple. The latest one was today and contained all the official info on the cafes bars etc.

Unfortunately, we got some bad news from Greece yesterday:

" Late on Saturday 14th March, the government has decided the closure of seasonal hotels and similar establishments.

The measure is put into immediate effect from 15 March to 30 April. Hotels that are already open will need to close by 23 March.

Source: ΦΕΚ857/Β/2020

Organized beaches and ski resorts are also closed as of 15 March, as announced by the PM of Greece on his twitter account."

Does that also mean houses rented through vrbo, or also? We were planning on traveling during Orthodox Easter.

These will all be cancelled by your hotel anyways…
This is very fresh so I am sure your hotel will contact you within the next days…

Hope everyone stays safe at the moment!

It seems that Greece will be putting everyone on a quarantine immediately for 14 days after they land, so you shoud be aware of that if you will be travelling soon…

As our April trip has been canceled, I would love to reschedule rather than cancel. We are hoping for September, but are there any official opinions on when travel can resume?

Stay well! I’m still working on learning some Greek, and look forward to a future visit!

I believe they’ve just announced, that with very few exceptions (in Thessaloniki and Athens), ALL hotels in Greece are now closed until the end of April.

I’ve just seen a thread on Trip Advisor with a link to a newspaper website but it was in a Greek with no obvious way of converting it to English,

Maybe @Pavlos could provide a link?

Yes it’s true. We received emails from hotels we were booked into for April, stating that all hotels and resorts will be closed upto 30th April and that our booking stands cancelled.
Airlines are updating their policies as situation keeps changing, so we are waiting till end of this month to cancel our tickets as right now airline’s still charging cancellation fee!
But what irked me more was that when we applied for the visas, the situation wasn’t as bad, but a week later it had definitely worsened and yet the Greece embassy in India issued us tourist visas, that too only upto Mid May. Looking at the current scenario travel isn’t gonna be possible by then and sadly we will have to reschedule our Greece trip to God knows when, as we have our kids’ colleges reopening in June.

Stay safe everyone. Hope to visit Greece soon

Rescheduled my June trip to September.

Just sorry for all of my friends on the island who are facing a very uncertain future.

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After the latest announcements from the greek government, nobody is allowed to go out of home in Greece unless it is for a very essential trip. Police will be enforcing that complete and total lockdown from tomorrow morning 6am.

Hello everyone.
Can anyone give details about the ferry cancellation refund due to coronavirus situation.
Does ferry give complete refund ?

I used Let’s Ferry and just requested mine today. What company did you book with? I emailed them and they instructed me to follow out a cancellation refund request applicationon their website. Hope you get it sorted out. We sadly had to start cancelling our entire trip today so I baked a cake to help the somber mood and ate two pieces while trying to figure out what to cancel and what vouchers to get for future, it’s a mess. Good luck.

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Yaa really its disheartening to cancel all the bookings of my dream country GREECE. And now has to keep on checking about the cancellation policy of the flights n other things.

Can you help me with the email id of LETS FERRY? I too booked with them

Hi. Yes, so I just used the link that Pavlos provided here for you (thank you Pavlos!) and then went to the top of page, clicked on contact. There you will see drop down menus and just select the reason for contact. This will allow you to choose the cancellation of booking. Hang in there, we are all in the same boat. I can’t do anything with my airfare right now, its almost best to let the airline cancel your flight (which they will if this continues to get worse) and wait to get as close to your travel date as possible. Same with my AirBnB’s. Most have been posting updated information daily about who qualifies for refunds, etc… If it is the airlines who cancel, they can refund you usually. If we take the travel vouchers from the airlines, we have a year to use them. Every airline is different of course. You will find a solution and hopefully we will get to go to Greece in the future. Take good care.


There are rumours from my friends in Greece that the country will stop the lockdown by mid-May but of course nothing is for sure at the moment…

Finally, some good news for everyone.

Greece deided to lift the restrictions and the measures gradually in May and June.

Hotels and restaurants will open up in June though.

You can read the official announcement here: