Arrive Athens fly to Santorini same day?

Hi, we are flying into Athens 9/10/2020 and are considering flying that same day to Santorini. Is it possible to clear immigration at the airport and get on a flight to Santorini if the arrival time into Athens and departure time to Santorini is less than 2 hrs?

Hi @churchfam6 and welcome to the forum.

Athens is a modern and easily navigable airport - 2 hours should be ample time, assuming your flight into Athens isn’t unduly delayed.

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Hi @churchfam6,

Athens airport is not too big and 2 hours should be ok.

They have recently changed the passport gates in the Athens airport and I have to say it now takes more time to pass through (that’ll be a new one for you @bigsnitch…and especially visitors coming form the UK in the future…)

If there are no delays to anything, you should be ok with 2 hrs between your flights.


Has work on the airport finished yet or is there still work to be done?

As for taking longer to get through passport control, once the Brexit transition phase ends in December, who knows what restrictions, such as visa requirements, get imposed on UK citizens. At the moment I believe that there is going to be some sort of permit that we will need to buy and refresh every 3(?) years but other than that I don’t think anyone knows really.

It’s only really going to hit the UK hard after the transition period ends, that’ll be when those who voted to leave and still think they’re going to be treated the same way as EU citizens will get a nasty wake up call.


For the most part I think the internal works is all done but I did see some closed areas where construction is supposedly still taking place around the central area after the baggage drops / checin desks…

Ha…! I knew I’d hit a nerve there! :slight_smile:
I don’t think I have seen any announcements from the EU on that but I suppose you would need whatever you would need to enter any other country outside of the EU now.
They might come up with some sort of friendly visa-scheme but it will definitely be harder and more expensive than what it is now…