Affordable restaurant/bar with caldera view

Hi from Sydney Australia! I’m taking my adult family to Greece for a holiday and would like recommendations for an affordable restaurant/bar with great caldera views so we can watch the sun go down, while having dinner, on our last night in Santorini. As there will be 9 of us and we are going in early September, I will need to book tables. Looking for good but cheaper food. My boys eat like horses!!! Can’t afford a high end restaurant. Can anyone recommend somewhere with a nice patio? Thanks in advance. Margaret

Hi Margaret,

There is an abundance of great restaurants with views in Santorini and especially in Fira and Oia.

The thing though is that they are not cheap unfortunately and every restaurant with a view is pretty much on the high end scale…

Affordability is also a relative thing so let me know what you think is affordable for a restaurant price to understand your requirements.

If you want to eat good I highly suggest Metaxi Mas restaurant and Ntomatini restaurant in Perissa.
They don’t have the stunning views but the food will be stunning!!

Take a look on this list as well:

Hello Pavlos. Thanks for your email. We usually order just a main meal and some bread for our dinner. Not a big 3 course extravaganza. Can you think of any places that would be able to feed us for say $30 Euros each? Margaret


Hi Margaret, I think you might struggle to find “good” food and a caldera view for €30 per person, especially in Oia. Certainly, away from the direct caldera view you’ll do it, but if it’s a table overlooking the caldera or a sunset view, you’ll pay more than that.

I’ve with @Pavlos - some of the best food is away from the caldera and in particular I’d second Metaxi Mas and Ntomatini (my favourite restaurant on the whole island - caldera quality food at Perissa prices.

I guess it depends on your priorities - the quality of the view versus the quality of the food. Personally, the quality of the food wins hands down every time.


Thank you Martin. I appreciate it. I guess we’ll eat elsewhere and just have cocktails with the view. Have a great day. Margaret

Totally agree with @bigsnitch
If you want the views you won/t get the food (or you will get it in extreme prices…)

You can always have the views with a coffee or a desert.

Thanks Ryan. It looks like there are so many nice places to eat elsewhere on the island so I think we will do the sunset views with cocktails.